Trekking for JCH – 2021 Borneo plans unveiled

Last year the Cheshire Home trek saw 35 islanders trek through Jordan. In temperatures in excess of 30 degrees each day, the group took on the unrelenting terrain and trekked over 90km, fuelled by hummus, true grit and real self belief.

In the unrelenting heat, without the comforts of home and with nights spent under canvas the challenge certainly felt difficult at times – and there were some tears, but laughter and team camaraderie got everyone through to the end, where they got to admire the world famous Treasury site in Petra. 

Over the years The Cheshire Home Treks have played a significant part in helping to fund the Homes much needed renovations, and 2019 was no exception. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Trekkers for being real champions and raising in excess of £70,000 for the Home. We also thank our fantastic administration team in particular Kelly and Kamila for their hard work. 

Once again our Trekkers came away from Jordan with never to be forgotten memories, discovering in themselves the ability to take on and overcome a challenge they did not think they had in them, along with some true lasting friendships. 

Next year will see the 7th Cheshire Home Trek take place. So if experiencing what it is like to trek in true jungle conditions and then climbing over 4,000 metres to summit South-East Asia’s highest peak appeals, then Trek Borneo 2021 is for you.

Over 5 days trekking 30 trekkers will get to experience the beauty of all that Borneo has to offer, starting with jungle survival to climbing to 4102m to summit Mount Kinabalu. Not only that, trekkers will get to spend nights in hammocks under the jungle canopy, trek through villages and learn native survival techniques!

The trek takes place between 27th September and 5th October 2021 and places are already filling up fast, so if you’re interested then you can find full details and register at