The year of the ‘Big Splash’ Pool Appeal

Find out all about our 2015 pool appeal project and how we successfully met our fundraising target within 12 months!

On 10th February 2015 in front of an invited audience including the Patron and Lady McColl, The Bailiff and Mrs Bailhache the “Big Splash Pool Appeal” was launched. Set to raise £305k to fund the renovation of the home’s Hydrotherapy pool (and adjacent facilities) the challenge to the year was put in place. Work on the Pool commenced, it was stripped right back to the “basics”, the mechanics and plumbing replaced, new boiler and filtration, but by far the most obvious change was the mosaic tiling, new wall and floor surfaces and modernised shower and changing facility; new lighting and sound system were installed to create an enhanced and sensory mood for those using the pool. All this was achieved within the 16 weeks as promised by the contractors and a shiny bright renovated “Aqua therapy Pool was born, now how to pay for it!

“Big Splash” was given its own logo and its own “brand” which included Ollie the Octopus, often seen as a hat worn at events to highlight, entertain and create comment!  A number of major initiatives were set in train to raise the money, the Home promoted the opportunity to “Buy a Tile” supported by Jersey Post which Islanders embraced and raised over £12k to be associated with the project, the record of the support will be a banner recording messages and photos from those who contributed to the campaign. Cars were washed (for money!), dogs were walked (for a donation!) brains were tested at the Mossack Fonseca Quiz night; the islands architects supported us by dedicating the proceeds from their Biennale to the appeal. The opportunity to reach out to the public in general came with the launch of the new Condor ferry, strange characters dressed in Cheshire Cat costumes collected money whilst the “Liberation” was in harbour open to the public, and this weekend alone raised £4.5k. Our wonderful Trekkers dedicated their fundraising to the appeal and the major “Fun Event” of the year  almost topped out the project, Kitchen Inferno once again proved a winner with dedicated chefs, charitable sponsors and extremely generous guests. In the background the Islands trust funds, service clubs, corporate donors, businesses and anonymous donors ensured that the funds flowed to support this appeal.

The Pool was up and running by the late spring and throughout the summer and autumn the renewed facilities were tested and tried out, so much so that over 600 people a month are now using the pool and more want to try, on top of these users are the home’s residents who really enjoy, benefit and relish the availability of this tremendous facility, now reinvigorated after twenty years constant use. The Pool is an enormous asset to the services offered by the Cheshire Home to the Island at large and having undergone this significant work should be a tool in the home’s and the Islands healthcare work box for at least the next twenty years to come.

To enquire about using the Pool for disability and injury rehabilitation please contact Steve Martin, Senior Physiotherapist, on 285858 or







David Lord

General Manager.