Anita & Adrian

Adrian Doolan & Anita Despres

Mealtimes at the Cheshire Home, provides the residents with both a good sense of wellbeing and nourishment. Throughout the year, we celebrate every cultural occasion, for which food, is the central theme. The kitchen team, consists of two chefs and a kitchen assistant and it is our aim to provide locally sourced food, as frequently as possible and ‘Cheshire Home-made’ items, such as, bread, sausages and bacon. For the residents, dining at the Cheshire Home is one of the highlights of their day.

The Residents lives are enhanced by the various indoor activities and outings that we offer and we try to ensure there is a wide range for all to enjoy. These can include playing bowls, painting, watching movies, helping to make jams & chutneys, being taken out for afternoon teas, to the theatre and having picnics in the park. Off island holidays are a highlight of the year for many, destinations have included France, London, Turkey and even cruising the Norwegian Fjords.