Sensational Dream for resident Paul

Paul Noke has been a resident at JCH for the last 16 months, after suffering a stroke in 2014 which left him wheelchair bound and in need of long term care.

Since coming to live at JCH Paul has made remarkable progress owing to the Physiotherapy & Aquatherapy sessions he regularly receives at the Home, as a result he is now able to walk a short distance with the assistance of a frame and the physiotherapy staff.

Paul’s family visits daily and whenever possible his 11 year old daughter Rebecca joins him for his Aquatherapy sessions. Prior to his brain injury they often used to go swimming together and this not only allows continuation of this enjoyable shared time but also offers Paul further motivation to succeed.  Paul loves his family and his whole demeanour visibly changes when they are around.

This year Jersey Cheshire Home are appealing for donations to help make our disabled residents dreams come true, no matter how big or small those dreams might be. Like Paul, all the residents at Jersey Cheshire Home suffer with severe physical disabilities that dramatically reduce their ability to get out and enjoy life. Cheshire Home would like to do all we can to enhance our resident’s lives and to try and make their dreams become a reality, to do this we’ll need support and donations from the public.

At 52 years old, Paul has always been a huge fan of The Who, having seen them play live at least 6 times in his younger years and has fond memories of seeing them perform across the UK.

Whilst we couldn’t quite realise Paul’s dream of seeing The Who play live once more, we did arrange the next best thing… Last month, for one night only The Who tribute band ‘Sensation’ came to perform at The Opera House – not only did we arrange tickets for Paul and his family to go and see them play, but before the show the band took Paul backstage to watch them jam and even let him and his daughter Rebecca have a strum on their guitars!

Paul said he was made to feel like a true VIP by the band members and loved having the opportunity to chat to them about their careers and the songs they perform across the world that he so loves.
When asked about it afterwards Paul said he had an amazing time and recalled how much he’d enjoyed singing along his favourite song ‘Pin Ball Wizard’ on the night. Smiling, Paul’s wife Ines explained “The atmosphere was fantastic – the entire audience were singing along and dancing in their seats. Rebecca and I both thought the music was too loud, but Paul said it wasn’t loud enough!”

Jersey Cheshire Home would like to thank the band members of Sensation and the staff at The Opera House who all went out of their way to ensure Paul really did have an experience of a lifetime.

This short video of Paul’s experience was created by his 11 year old daughter Rebecca 🙂

To make a donation towards Paul’s dream or for more information on the ‘Cheshire Dreams’ appeal please visit