Resident Paul’s Cheshire Challenge

In an effort to keep active during the current lockdown Paul decided to undertake a rowing challenge in the Home’s gym, rowing the equivalent distance from Sark to Jersey, but he didn’t stop there! He completed the challenge in just 9 days so then took on the challenge of rowing from Gorey to Carteret which he completed in 14 days, through rowing two 15mins sessions every day.

His next challenge, currently underway, is bigger still and is expected to take him 50 days to complete! He started on Monday 13th April, cycling the equivalent distance from Barneville/Carteret to Ouistreham via Caen – a distance of 134.7km – then rowing 187.4km from Ouistreham to Portsmouth across the English Channel! Paul ‘arrived’ in Ouistreham ahead of target on 24 April and began rowing to Portsmouth on 25 April, he aims to arrive in the English port in June, in time for his mother’s birthday.

Paul who has been a resident at Jersey Cheshire Home for the past 4 years, has already raised well over his intended fundraising target of £200 – currently the figure sits at over £6,000 and money is still coming in to support his fantastic achievements!

“Paul has achieved so much in the past 25 days with his rowing challenges, and he has really enjoyed it. His current challenge is a huge task, but Paul has been such an inspiration to us all. He has independently rethought the Covid situation and found something positive from it that he can do to keep physically active,” stated David Lord, General Manager of the Jersey Cheshire Home. “His positive stance also helped us to reframe our own thinking so that we could come up with some new ways to embark on fundraising,”

If you would like to support Paul’s efforts you can donate via his just giving page