Rehabilitation success through charity collaboration

The two local charities have been successfully pooling resources in order to provide rehabilitation services to local

Through its aquatherapy facility, the Jersey Cheshire Home has been working with the Jersey branch of the Stroke
Association to provide specialist aquatherapy group sessions for stroke survivors in Jersey. The group runs once a
week for eight weeks and caters for eight stroke survivors in each session. The sessions are run by Jersey Cheshire
Home physiotherapist, Steve Martin, who assess the attendees at the start of the programme and creates a goal
led activity plan for each individual.

The dedicated centre at the Eric Young House is ideally suited for these sessions. Its purpose-built pool is maintained at a temperature of 35oC and has easy access for users with limited mobility. During each session,
attendees are put through their range of physio exercises in a relaxed and friendly environment.

David Lord, Jersey Cheshire Home General Manager said, “We are proud to be working so closely with the Stroke
Association through the provision of these sessions, and even more so with the results that are being experienced.
The aim of the sessions is to provide rehabilitation for stroke survivors and enable them to live as independently as
possible. By pooling our resources in this way, we have been able to remove the need for repeat hospitalisation
and medical treatment, instead providing the required services within a charitable, community setting and
removing the associated costs to the island’s health service.

Whilst the sessions are geared towards providing physical rehabilitation, the sessions have had a very valuable
secondary benefit, supporting the mental recovery process so often experienced by stroke survivors.

“We’re seeing our referrals increase by around 30% year on year so demand for these classes is high,” stated Tracy
O’Regan, Fundraising and Operations Manager for the Jersey branch of the Stroke Association. “Whilst the physical
results speak for themselves, what we have found even more valuable through these sessions is the mental impact on attendees. The peer support experienced at the sessions provides a safe environment where attendees don’t
need to excuse their symptoms or feel isolated and excluded. This makes the classes more enjoyable and the users
benefit more greatly as a result,” continued Tracy.

The cost of the classes has been covered thanks to the generosity of local businesses, such as Le Masurier Group,
and fundraisers on the island who were looking to fund a charitable activity within the community. Since the
classes started in 2012, more than a hundred stroke survivors have benefitted from attending an eight-week block
of these sessions.

The sessions have had such a profound impact on those attending, that stroke survivors who have completed the
programme have gone on to create their own, independent sessions which they self-manage and continue to run at
the Jersey Cheshire Home’s facility.

“The aquatherapy sessions have been a lifeline for me. All attendees are stroke survivors, so you feel very relaxed
about your symptoms and there is so much support from everyone in the group to help you achieve your goals,”
said Paul Liddiard. “I’m so grateful to the Stroke Association for their support and guidance following my stroke, but
also to the Jersey Cheshire Home for their wonderful facilities, we’re so lucky to have such fantastic charities
providing community support in this way.”

The Jersey Cheshire Home Aquatherapy and Physiotherapy Centre is available for use by other individuals within
the community. It provides an ideal base to receive treatment for conditions including Multiple Sclerosis,
Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Spina Bifida, strokes and head injuries. The treatment offered by our qualified physiotherapy
team can make and maintain improvements in an individual’s ability to move and to perform tasks needed to
enable everyday life.

For further information or to book an assessment please contact the Aquatherapy and
Physiotherapy Department on (01534) 285858 or email

For more information about stroke and support services for survivors and carers, visit or call the
Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100.

For more information on this initiative, or about the Jersey Cheshire Home, please contact David Lord, Jersey Cheshire Home General Manager, on (01534) 282858, or email