Do you have a Cheshire Challenge?

You’ve not only been generously donating towards Paul’s challenge, but have also been taking on your own home based fundraising challenges in support of our residents. Climbing the empire state building and running hundreds of treadmill miles are just two examples, but do you have another idea?

Kelly Nash is challenging herself to not only run over 125 miles a month during 2020, but to also rack up over 3000 miles of running and walking throughout the year! And Juliet Osbourne has climbed an ascent equivalent to the empire state building up her home stairs! These are great examples of ways people are getting active whilst fundraising for the Home which have so far raised an impressive £500 to help support the work we do.

We’d love to hear and see how you might challenge yourself and remember it needn’t be high exertion, mental challenges can be just as tough!