Nick’s Flying high for Cheshire Home!

Later this month Jersey Cheshire Home resident Nick Picot’s dream will be coming true as he leaps out of an aeroplane!!

Nick, who is wheelchair bound has suffered with MS for the last 5 years and though he is a relatively recent full time resident at JCH, he has been coming here for regular Day Care and Aquatherapy for the last 3 years, so is almost part of the furniture!

Before Nick’s illness he was an extremely active individual, regularly enjoying a game golf or badminton with friends. Whilst this has made his debilitating condition particularly tough to bear it at least makes the notion of finally achieving his dream to skydive that much more significant!

From Nick’s family home on Queens Road he would regularly enjoy watching skydivers falling through the sky, until their parachutes ballooned out above them and they floated towards the ground. Every time the experience would make him exclaim how much he would love to do it himself, yet the opportunity never arose and once his MS set in he pushed the idea from his head. That is until he learned of our campaign to make our resident’s dreams come true, Nick commented “This has been a lifelong ambition for me and one I never thought I would be able to achieve – I just couldn’t believe my luck when one of the carers at Cheshire Home asked if I liked the idea of skydiving! I cannot wait to get up there and I’m not at all scared!”

Jersey Cheshire Home have been lucky enough to receive a grant to help make our residents dreams come true, but there is still the opportunity for the public to donate should they wish to show their support towards a specific resident or dream.

3 members of staff from Jersey Cheshire Home will also be taking part in the skydive on Tuesday 23rd August, along with Nick, helping to raise awareness of our facility and raising funds towards making other residents dreams come true. Kelly Hamon, Ana Rodriguez and xxx, the son of staff member Lili-Anna xxx are all extremely excited to have the opportunity. Kelly said “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m proud to be doing it in aid of our residents at Jersey Cheshire Home”

To sponsor our staff on their jump, or to donate money towards Nick’s or one of our other residents dreams please visit

The dive itself…After taking a short training session, Nick and the JCH staff will board the aircraft with their instructors, climbing up to 10,000ft, experiencing panoramic views and seeing the Island like never before. Attached securely together with their instructors, they will then exit the plane, experiencing the exhilaration of a 30 second freefall at 130mph, before the parachutes open and they get to take in the sights 1 mile above Jersey, before landing on the beach in St Aubins Bay – one of the world’s only beach landing drop zones!