Jono rocked it at the Goose

28 April 2017

JERSEY Cheshire Home resident Jono Rothwell rocked it big time when he did a special comeback gig singing at the Goose on the Green on Friday 28 April to an audience of hundreds.

The charity event, which raised over £5,000 for the home, was arranged by his close friend Christine Hamilton and featured Jono singing some pop and rock classics supported by long-time musical partner Frank Tausney, fellow Abbaloo artisite Sharon Campbell and amazing guitarist Sean Conway.

The excellent four piece were cheered on by friends, family, home staff and many others who packed into the St Peter pub to hear Jono lead the singing.

Jono performed wonderfully well despite having to overcome severe cognitive difficulties sustained as a result of injuries he suffered following a collision on a ski slope in Austria in January 2014.