Oscar’s citizenship granted at last!

Oscar Isik (44), resident at Jersey Cheshire Home has finally become a British Citizen. He was granted his citizenship at The Royal Court today.

Oscar was rather nervous this morning before being officially sworn in as he said he hadn’t really known what to expect. Upon receiving his certificate he explained “it was a strange feeling being in court this morning but I am now very pleased to be able to say I am a British Citizen! I would like to thank everyone at Jersey Cheshire Home for all their help in making today happen, I am very lucky to have them all around me. I hope I can now get out and find myself a job!”

Originally from Turkey, Oscar has been living in Jersey since 2000 and a resident at JCH since February 2005. His physical disability, sustained by a head injury, means he has very limited movement from the waist down and must rely entirely on his electric wheelchair to get out and about, yet Oscar doesn’t let this stop him. He is an extremely motivated and committed individual who values his independence; he loves to cook – often coming up with inventive recipes for the chef to try; is a self taught whizz on the computer; and is always thinking of new ideas to keep himself out of mischief.

Oscar’s current ambition is to find a part-time job and his newly awarded citizenship is the first step toward making this happen.  His employment will, he hopes, help fund a new mobility chair, to not only provide him with improved comfort but to also allow him access to many places that are unreachable in his current chair.

Obtaining the citizenship has been a lengthy task and hasn’t been without its challenges, so this has been a particularly happy occasion for Oscar and his friends from Jersey Cheshire Home, where celebrations were held for him after the official proceedings had taken place.