Charity Booster Appeal

This month the Government of Jersey has given every single person living in Jersey £100 to spend in the local economy as an economic stimulus. The Association of Jersey Charities, which represents all Registered Charities in Jersey, has launched this local Fundraising Appeal to match. It is hoped that once we, in Jersey, have all spent our £100 with local businesses, those of us that afford to do so, will also make a donation to local charities such as Jersey Cheshire Home. Like other charities we have seen a decline in donations along with many of our fundraising activities have been cancelled and would be appreciative of any donations the public can make at this time.

If you are a Jersey tax-payer and your donation is for £50 or more, please complete an R10 form, so that we can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation and increase its value without costing you a penny more!