All aboard HMS Tenacious!

As much as we love having our residents with us, we are always delighted when they go on holiday as getting away, even for a day trip, is so very beneficial for their well-being, especially when that day trip is ‘up north’ to Guernsey to see our five-a-side footballers retain the annual Cheshire Muratti against the Guernsey home.

For one of our residents, Guernsey is a very special place – and none more so than when visiting her newly-born granddaughter. That lady also enjoyed two trips to Edinburgh to visit family, accompanied as all our residents are on holiday, by members of staff.

France was the destination for more residents in May and July when they stayed in an old cotton mill on the Côte d’Amour, which has been renovated into purpose built apartments for the disabled. It has become a very popular and favourite destination for our residents as there are lots of villages and ports in the area, plenty restaurants and of course French Markets. And they all love the owners dogs and the resident pot bellied pig, Dennis, who eats the scraps, while chickens lay fresh eggs for breakfast.

In June two of our ladies, accompanied by two carers, went on an exciting voyage from Southampton to Jersey with the Jubilee Sailing Trust on board Tenacious. Everyone had to be involved in all of the activities including letting the sails up and down, cleaning the ship, watch duty and peeling potatoes. They stopped off at Alderney and St Malo before returning home. They anchored off Gorey Harbour and everyone was ferried back to shore by WetWheels.

We have a big fan Corrie fan living here and in July she travelled to Manchester for a tour of the set. She loved every minute! Her tour included seeing the studios where episodes are filmed and she had plenty of time on the famous cobbles to look around and take photos

In August, two of our gentlemen had a fabulous holiday in Turkey where it was very hot – even hotter than our fabulous record-breaking summer! They stayed in Antalya. The trip meant a great deal to our Turkish resident, Oscar Isik, as it was timed so he could attend a family wedding. They also enjoyed going out for meals and watching the belly dancers.

Visiting family was also the reason for other residents visiting Lancashire and Madeira. Our new bus got it’s first outing to the UK to make the journey to Bury and fortunately a direct flight made the trip to Madeira a much easier exercise than going via Gatwick.

We are already planning this year’s trips, far and wide, or closer to home.