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 "A quiet moment" that Leonard Cheshire experienced is to be thanked for the last 25 years of the Jersey Cheshire Home's charitable work. Group Captain decided that "having survived (World War II) I must find something to do that would help build a better world."  

BuildAnd so, many years later, Leonard Cheshire kindly opened the doors to his Hampshire home 'Le Court,' to welcome the Cheshire Home's first resident - Arthur Dykes. What follows this selfless act is many years of continuous hard work striving to create a brighter future.

As the years passed, the number of Cheshire Homes in the UK grew and grew, all inspired and encouraged by Leonard Cheshire himself.  Local Communities approached Cheshire to help them form Homes of their own, they formed administrative committees, established suitable accommodation, and all began to organise fundraising for the Charity.  By 1955, there were five Cheshire Homes in the UK, and one Overseas, in Mumbai, India.  By 1970, there were 50 established Cheshire residencies in the UK, five in India and a Leonard Cheshire project running in 21 countries worldwide. 

Anniversary CakeToday Leonard Cheshire Disability helps over 21,000 people and their carers, in 150 Cheshire Homes  and in the community across the UK.  Internationally our services continue to grow and there are now over 250 projects running in 55 countries worldwide.

Jersey's Cheshire Home was opened in July 1983 by Princess Alexandra, the Jersey Home provides a permanent base for residents and visitors of all ages.  Mrs June Beslievre is the lady responsible for the existence of a Cheshire Home in Jersey.  Her tireless efforts paid off in 1979 when the Jersey Cheshire Home was founded, and finally completed in 1983.